One more leak for Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro wireless headset


A new one has been added to the leaks related to the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro full wireless headset. In this leak, it is possible to see some important technical information as well as the official promotional photos of the headset.

Mi Air 2 Pro comes with 12mm drivers. The headset, which also supports aptX Adaptive and LHDC V3 audio codecs, reduces the latency to less than 100 ms thanks to LHDC V3. It is worth noting that aptX Adaptive is also a low latency codec.

In Mi Air 2 Pro, 35 dB sound reduction can be made thanks to its active noise canceling feature. It is worth noting that this level is equivalent to what Apple offers in its AirPods Pro. A transparent mode will also be available in the headset to disable active noise cancellation.

The 500 mAh charging box of the headset will be able to charge at 5W with USB-C input. This box will also offer wireless charging support. Each headphone knob will have a 55 mAh capacity battery. With Mi Air 2 Pro, music can be listened to for 7 hours. This period will be reduced to 5 hours while active noise canceling feature is working. The box will increase the total listening time to 28 hours. This period will be reduced to 20 hours with active noise cancellation.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro will be officially revealed as of tomorrow. The wireless headset is expected to be sold in China for an amount of 600-700 yuan band.

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