One moment from Dragon Ball proves that Goku is not a hero, but a threat


Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece Dragon Ball has become one of the most popular manga of all time thanks to a combination of high-octane action and comic moments; however, one of these light-hearted scenes proves that the protagonist Son Goku is not a hero everyone believes in, but one of the greatest threats to the security of the Earth and the universe.

Goku is widely known as one of the greatest heroes in the Dragon Ball universe . He has saved the Earth many times by defeating terrible villains like Friza, Sell and Majin Buu. His ability to turn enemies into friends helped him assemble a powerful team of warriors, including Piccolo and Vegeta. What really sets Goku apart is his pure heart and outspoken personality; he often looks like a simpleton, but the truth is that Goku only cares about fighting stronger opponents in order to become better and expand his own capabilities. However, this single-minded approach has a very dark side that can turn Goku into the biggest threat to peace in the universe. The moment when this became clear is also one of the funniest in the history of Dragon Ball, and it happens when Vegeta and Bulma’s son from the future, Trunk, returns to the present to warn Goku and others about the threat posed by androids. built by Dr. Hero.

The trunks show that in three years these powerful beings will wake up and wipe humanity off the face of the earth, killing all the defenders of the Earth, including Goku. In chapter 336, when Bulma hears about this, she offers to kill Dr. Hero immediately before he has time to complete his creations. All the assembled fighters react violently to Bulma’s offer, saying that they really want to fight these new strong opponents. Bulma’s reaction is comical: she tries to convince people in the group by saying that the Saiyans are “battle-mad maniacs,” and then comments on Goku’s rallying speech, comparing him to “a sketchy dictator with his followers.” However, Bulma’s words actually show how dangerous Goku is.

Bulma’s point of view in this scene is the point of view of an ordinary person. From her point of view, knowing that these androids will turn the world into a wasteland, it would be logical to take advantage of the Trunk’s warning and stop the tragedy before it happens. However, Goku (of course, with the support of Vegeta) is not interested in risks, he just wants to fight strong opponents. He doesn’t understand risk assessment, which makes him the least likely candidate for the role of a hero. In fact, Goku’s decision turns out to be wrong: androids 17 and 18 are too strong and kill a huge number of people before they are absorbed by Cell, creating an even greater threat that almost wipes the entire Solar System off the face of the earth. From the point of view of a warrior, Goku’s choice makes sense, but from the point of view of a hero whose main duty is to save lives and protect the world, saiyan does exactly the opposite.

The Dragon Ball franchise is full of comical scenes that help defuse the tension of the action. Bulma’s reaction to “battle-crazed maniacs” is really funny, but in fact it’s very black humor. Goku repeats this mistake many times in the series, putting his thirst for battle above the safety of the Earth and the universe (for example, when he spares Friza). Dragon Ball used Bulma’s point of view in chapter 336 to convey the idea that from another point of view, Goku’s simple-minded approach makes him not a hero, but one of the biggest threats to the universe.


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