One MCU Villain Could Defeat Thanos With a Marvel Comics Weapon


Throughout the MCU Infinity Saga, Thanos proved to be the biggest threat to the Avengers and, in fact, to the entire universe, which was epically shown in the movie “Avengers: Infinity War” when Thanos cut through a number of powerful creatures to get his hands on every infinity stone. However, there is one villain who was apparently killed by Thanos who could finish the Mad Titan’s villainous quest in a second-if only he had access to one weapon from Marvel comics.

At the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic universe movie Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos had already destroyed Xandar to get the Power Stone, and was in the process of doing the same with what was left of Asgard to get the Tesseract, also known as the Space Stone. After that, Thanos decided that the next Infinity Stone he needed was the Reality Stone, which was in the hands of the Collector. When the Guardians of the Galaxy tried to ambush Thanos on Znayger, it seemed that Thanos was asking the Collector about the location of the Stone, but it quickly turned out that Thanos already had the Reality Stone, and he used it to play a trick. his own on the heroes — and the Collector was declared dead.

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In “Avengers #28” by Stan Lee and Don Heck, a Collector kidnapped Janet Van Dyne, also known as the Wasp, and Hank Pym, also known as the Giant Man, went to the Avengers for help in her return. When the heroes got dressed and rushed to the Collector’s lair, the Elder showered the Avengers with several types of weapons that he had in his collection, the most useful of which was a crystal ball emitting mystical rays so powerful that no one could resist them.

Judging by the evidence presented in this issue, the mystical rays emanating from the Collector’s crystal ball penetrate the victim’s brain and cloud her mind with blinding, incessant pain, leaving the victim no opportunity to fight magical effects. If the Collector had this weapon in his arsenal in the MCU when the Mad Titan knocked on his door, then he could have defeated Thanos with his magic artifact, since Thanos would not have had the opportunity to fight him at that time because of the magic of the weapon. the properties and lack of a strong enough mental defense of Thanos.

If Thanos had a Mind Stone, then perhaps he could use the power of the Stone to repel the magical invasion of the mind with which the Collector’s crystal ball would attack him. However, at that time, Thanos only had the Power Stone and the Space Stone before he stole the Collectible Reality Stone, so mystical explosions of incessant mental suffering would paralyze Thanos in seconds, as happened with the Avengers in this issue, proving that the Collector could defeat Thanos from the MCU with one Marvel weapon.


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