One Last Time, the new book of The Kissing Booth 3


The Kissing Booth 3 will continue the story of “Elle” and “Noah” in “One last time”, their new book. After the premiere of the sequel to the Kissing Stand, the film was one of the most popular premieres on the Netflix platform, the love triangle between Noah, Marco and Elle fell in love and broke some fans’ hearts, but they can continue to enjoy. her story with the third part of the movie and her new book.

“The Kissing Booth 3” will be released in 2021, Joey King and Jacob Elordi filmed the two parts at the same time, but fans will have to wait to know the outcome of the couple and what will happen after “Elle” received their letters acceptance to the university. Will “Marco” come back in your life? There are many questions to be answered, but to the fans’ surprise a book based on the movie will be released.

The author of the “Kissing Stand” books, Beth Reekles, announced through her official Instagram account that she had a big surprise for everyone and that is that her next romantic comedy novel will be called “One Last Time”, inspired in the third part of the Netflix franchise and will be released in 2021, at the same time as the movie.

The writer explained that the book is based on the script that was used for the movie, but she can’t say much about the synopsis. Beth Reekles assured that she had fun writing and had a great collaboration with Netflix to capture the story of “Elle” and “Noah”, she assured that it will be something incredible and cannot wait for the fans to read it.

Apparently, the book will develop the story of the protagonist played by Joey King, the author said that the screenwriter, Vince Marcello, and she talked a lot about “Elle”, remember that in the end she is torn between choosing the university next to her boyfriend or the dream he always had with his best friend “Lee”.


“One Last Time” will be a continuation of his books and could be released on April 15, it is not the same date as “The Kissing Booth 3”, in addition, you can already order the novel through sites like Amazon UK or Book Depository .


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