One-hour gameplay with Captain Tsubasa


We played for more than an hour live the game of the legendary Champions series in Spain. The game arrives next Friday on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is the new installment of the mythical series that we met here as Champions with Oliver and Benji. The game, which arrives on PC, PS4 and Switch next Friday, August 28, has already been in our hands for a few days. While we continue with our analysis scheduled for the end of the week, we leave you this hour and a quarter of gameplay that we play on the Meristation YouTube channel, where we show many of the virtues and less good elements of the title.

During the footage we were able to play several games to show the game system, with all the secrets at the defensive and offensive level and especially the goal mechanics, where the goalkeeper has an energy bar that has to wear out to finally score with some of our big shots. We also see some of its playable gaps, such as certain setbacks and limitations in mechanics that do not help after hours.

Finally, we show you all kinds of modalities, from Tsubasa’s path to winning the last high school championship against Hyuga’s Toho, and in another case, the new hero mode, where we can create our own player who has to grow in his own adventure in teams other than Tsubasa’s, to end up competing with Japan in the Youth World Cup. If you want to know everything that the game brings with it, in this article you have the direct one.

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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions


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