One Green Lantern That Can Solo Superman Finally Got DC’s Respect


DC is finally paying homage to the only Green Lantern capable of defeating Superman alone. While any Green Lantern was once capable of destroying a Man of Steel by displaying kryptonite, this ability is a thing of the past, and now it will take many Green Lanterns at the same time to have a chance against him (as has been proven by the Corps). ‘against Superboy Prime in Infinite Crisis.) However, there is one Lantern whose special abilities were created specifically to stop the Kryptonians: a space hero, who, nevertheless, is treated as a joke.

The hero in question is Ch’p – a Green Lantern resembling an earth squirrel, despite the fact that he is a powerful hero and a contemporary of Hal Jordan. Although Ch’p is a visually comedic character, he has been involved in several shockingly dark stories, including his death under the wheels of an Earth truck, which was later replaced by the rodent hero B’dg. However, in the world of Injustice, which follows an alternate reality where the Joker’s deathbed “joke” pushes Superman to villainy, Ch’p lives and reveals the ability to stop the Man of Steel in his path.

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In Injustice: Year Two #10 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Julien Hugonnar-Berth, Rex Locus and Wes Abbott, the Green Lantern Corps confronts the increasingly despotic Superman. While Kal-El points out that he is too strong for their powers to make any difference, Ch’p proved him wrong, who can use his miniature Power Ring designs to block synapses in Superman’s brain, leaving him unable to move. In this case, Ch’pa’s small stature is a big advantage, as he has a perspective that other Green Lanterns don’t have, making him Superman’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the evil Superman escapes from Ch’pa when Sinestro intercedes, killing the miniature hero at the same time. As always, Ch’p falls without much respect, but now a new cover from DC finally pays tribute to the constantly underrated hero.

The epic cover, created by artist Darik Robertson (The Boys, Hellblazer: Rise and Fall), will appear on selected copies of Batman: Fortress #4 (from Gary Witta and Robertson), and on it Ch’p is depicted in an appropriate epic pose, illuminated only by the light of his Power Ring. While the presentation is a bit ironic — the appearance of the rodent Ch’pa, as always, is combined with his heroism — it’s still an amazing tribute to a character who has lived most of his life on the sidelines. For comic book collectors, the cover will be irresistible, with a very detailed image of a character who rarely gets into the spotlight. Enjoy the cover provided by League of Comic Geeks below:

Being a comic book fan often means seeing the value of characters who rarely get their due, but it only makes them more worthy of celebration when they manage to get attention. In the case of Ch’p, Green Lantern fans will be thrilled with a compelling piece of art dedicated to one Corps member who has proven he has the strength and perspective to defeat Superman alone.