One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke Shows Unseen Scenes


One Direction fans were surprised by new scenes from the carpool karaoke that the group filmed with James Corden.

The tenth anniversary of One Direction was full of expectations and emotions for the fans of this group, but a surprise came when unreleased scenes from the filming of the carpool karaoke that 1D recorded almost 5 years ago were revealed.

It all started when producer Ben Winston used his Twitter account to reply to a tweet from a fan of the British Irish boyband asking him about the deleted scenes from carpool karaoke. But that was not all, since a short time later he also responded to another tweet where he was questioned if he could confirm that they would reveal this material and Ben gave positive affirmations to both.

These fans’ tweets were posts made in 2017, why did you decide to reply to them now?

It was all part of a plan, as James Corden later revealed some unseen scenes from the Karaoke carpool that One Direction filmed long ago. It’s about the time when Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and James arrive at McDonalds to place an order and bring some food to their tour.

The singers order some nuggets, hamburgers and drinks, we see each one choose their menu and distribute the provisions.

The short video clip came as a surprise to 1D fans who thought they would not receive any more news from the group for a while, but it also became an emotional moment as they recalled their journey with the group.

Look the following video:

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