One Direction ready to reform: Liam Payne makes revelations!


Liam Payne revealed that the group One Direction would eventually reform one day, he even gives an approximate date to his fans!

Liam Payne, a member of One Direction, made a small confession about a possible return of the boy band, an announcement that did not leave fans indifferent. We explain to you!

It may be that the One Direction will soon be back on stage if we believe the rumors that run. One particular group member really wants it, it’s Liam Payne. The young man is at the initiative of this reformation, while he has just released his new LP1 album! Would he be nostalgic for his band? Or would he say that just to generate excitement! Because you have to know that the boy band has been separated since 2015!

Despite this break, the boys remained very close. However Zayn Malik has withdrawn a little, while he is at the origin of the end of the group, but he never wanted to speak on the subject. So everyone has done his solo career as he had in recent years. Besides, they did well even alone they continued to talk about them!

Indeed during an interview with the Sunday Brucnh, Liam Payne made some revelations. “I know that in the end we will get back together. I do not know when, all I know is that in two years everyone will have released new songs and will have done all the promo that was needed. There are still two years (to wait). said the former member of One Direction!

As much to tell you that this announcement even if it is not precise, did not leave indifferent the fans! This news has had the effect of a bomb in those who follow since their debut. We hate to see Niall Horan, Harry Style, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson as well as the strong head of the band Zayn Malik, reforming and singing as a member of One Direction!


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