“One Day Every Company Will Create A Bitcoin Reserve”


Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a blockchain-focused investment company, shared his views on Bitcoin (BTC) on his Twitter account. Pompliano, who gave the example of Square, which has recently invested in the leading cryptocurrency, claimed that eventually the use of Bitcoin as a reserve asset will become quite common.

In his tweet on November 13, Anthony Pompliano expressed his views on Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. In doing so, Pompliano cited an example of his company Square, which recently invested in Bitcoin and is also headed by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey.

“Bitcoin will eventually become a reserve asset for everyone”

Pompliano also made a simple calculation in his tweet to draw attention to Bitcoin’s recent rally. The famous commentator, who stated that Square, which has invested in Bitcoin in the past, has made a profit, announced the amount of profit as $ 25 million.

Pompliano said exactly in his tweet:

“Square invested $ 50 million in treasury assets in Bitcoin on October 8th. (About 1%.)

This investment now amounts to 75 million dollars in less than 60 days.

Ultimately, every individual, company or central bank will keep Bitcoin as a reserve asset. ”

While Pompliano’s sharing attracted more than 2 thousand likes, it attracted a lot of attention, while well-known names from the investment world also interacted with it. Famous investor Ross Gerber replied to Pompliano’s post, “I’m working on it too.” sent a reply in the form.

Million investment from Square

The American giant financial company Square, which was on the agenda with its investment in Bitcoin at the beginning of last month, bought exactly $ 50 million of Bitcoin. Just as Pompliano noted in his share, Square thus invested 1% of his treasury in Bitcoin. While there were different opinions about this move of Square, in general, the Bitcoin investment made by the company was evaluated positively in the crypto money market.

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