One big Concern Kim Kardashian Allegedly Had about E After Her Breakup with Pete Davidson

The romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson may be over, and probably some fans are wondering if that means reconciliation is on the cards for the reality TV star and Kanye West. Although it is certainly not unusual for someone to turn to an old love for support in a difficult breakup, this may not be exactly what Kardashian is thinking about. Having already defended Davidson when Ye returned to Instagram to grill the comedian about the breakup, the SKIMS founder was allegedly very worried that her ex-husband would misinterpret the situation.
A family vacation in Idaho and some bikini-clad thirst-quenching activities were definitely part of Kim Kardashian’s game plan in the weeks following her breakup with the former Saturday Night Live contestant. These funny moments — along with some crazy rumors that Pete Davidson started a relationship with Martha Stewart — occurred when Kanye West was romantically involved with 23-year-old model Monica Corgan. Sources tell Hollywood Life that instead of getting upset that her ex was unavailable, Kardashian reportedly felt relieved that the rapper didn’t use the breakup as an opportunity to try to revive their relationship. The source said:
Kim is so glad Kanye is dating again and that he didn’t try to get her back after she broke up with Pete. One of her biggest fears was that Kanye would think her breakup meant he had a chance to make peace with her. Everyone asked her about it. She told them it would never happen, and she meant it.
The source said that Kim Kardashian will apparently never (ever) get back together with Kanye West, but it would be implausible to imagine that he is making an effort to test this idea. When the Kardashian star started dating Pete Davidson—after kissing on the magic carpet on Saturday Night Live-Ye begged Kim to come back to him. Her start of a new relationship forced the iconic rapper to declare a full civil war on social media against Davidson, which reportedly led to the comedian seeking therapy after the breakup.
Kanye West eventually put an end to the feud and said he was looking for help for himself, and even while their divorce proceedings were ongoing, the former couple were sometimes seen together peacefully raising children at their children’s sporting events. In June, they attended the eldest daughter North’s basketball game together, sitting in a row from each other, but talking to each other from time to time. This followed a walk in March, when the parents played well at the football match of Saint’s son. However, their relationship continues to develop, and we hope that the interests of their four children will remain in the spotlight.
Meanwhile, Pete Davidson has apparently found sympathy in his Wizards! partner in the film Orlando Bloom. Apparently, the film crew in Australia was worried about the actor, as news of his breakup with Kim Kardashian spread, and the actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean list offered support to his friend.
While Kim Kardashian continues to walk away from Pete Davidson and Kanye West, fans are excited to see how much each of them will be represented when the Kardashians return to Hulu subscribers in season 2. West often appeared in season 1, only with Davidson. voicing a cameo role in the scene after the credits of the finale. However, season two previews are teasing at least one appearance by Pete, so keep an eye out for the September 22 premiere. Be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out all the other upcoming premiere dates.


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