On video: Victoria Beckham tries David’s “sticky stuff”


Victoria Beckham (48) surprised her fans with a video. The Briton became known around the world in the 90s as the lead singer of the Spice Girls group. Her bandmate Melanie S. (48) recently revealed that, despite her fame, Vic still has problems with self-confidence. However, the designer is not devoid of humor – now she proves it in a new video with her husband David Beckham (47) and his “sticky things”.

The 48-year-old footballer shared a new video on TikTok in which the former professional footballer collects honey from a beehive. With a cheeky expression on his face, Vic cooed, “He’s going to let his sticky stuff out. His new sticky stuff.” David, who seems to really like his new hobby, says that there is a good “flow” when he catches a trickle of golden honey in a jar.

“Look, it’s flowing out of him,” Victoria noted, before sharing that she was going to try “sticky stuff.” “I’ll tell you guys what David’s slime tastes like,” she joked. “I’ll evaluate it and let you know.”


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