On Vacation with Ex Celebs: all about the reality show premiere


On Vacation with Ex Celebs has barely started and has already delivered everything that the public likes to see: serious bullshit and an atmosphere of romance between participants since the first party.

However, in addition, the reality show also brought important discussions about the experience of a trans person based on the participation of Tarso Brandt, a transgender man. As you can see, the new season of De Férias with Ex Celebs on MTV and Amazon Prime Video is full of participants who will know how to live the experience to the fullest, bringing a lot of entertainment to the public.

Check out in detail what happened at the premiere of the reality show!

First episode of On Vacation with Ex Celebs

In case you are wondering who has already started the mood of romance on MTV reality, we bring the names! Participants Caíque Gama and Ingrid Ohara, already during the reception party, exchanged several kisses to celebrate entering the program and give the audience exactly what he expects.

However, the atmosphere of romance turned to bullshit in a short time thanks to Gabily, a participant in On Vacation with Ex Celebs who is Caíque’s ex and has already entered the main cast of the program.

From the beginning, when she saw her ex-boyfriend hanging out with Ingrid, she made a point of saying that she wasn’t bothered because Caíque belongs to the world, so she would have no reason to do that – but the pose lasts for a short time, as we see throughout the episode. .

It was in a conversation at the pool with other participants that Gabily ended up commenting on feeling affection for her ex-boyfriend, which left Marina Gregory, a participant in the reality show and winner of The Circle Brasil, irritated.

For Gregory, Gabily was being dramatic for focusing on this situation, without taking advantage of the fun atmosphere that Vacation with Ex Celebs should maintain. Gabily, despite being surprised by the accusations coming out of nowhere, replied the offenses stating that Marina did not know the story behind her and Caíque to criticize.

Despite the serious discussion and the generated climate, the two ended up managing to talk and understand the point of both. Both Gabily and Marina have an explosive demeanor and have no tongue in cheek, which should result in further clashes throughout the On Vacation season with Ex Celebs – and this is exactly what we hope for!

The MTV reality show had only one episode and has provided it all. What else is ahead?


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