On the lower deck under the fan debate if Culver & Britney takes the Van Trip


Season 1 of “Lower Deck Down” quickly became a favorite of the “Below Deck” franchise thanks to the supportive and charming captain Jason Chambers, the youngest captain in the franchise, and the really nice people who make up the crew of the Australian show. . With the release of the final episode on June 23, many fans are starting to think about the future of the team after the show, especially sailors Brittini Burton and Culver Bradbury.

Since joining BDDU, Sailor Brittini has become a fan favorite thanks to her kind nature, humor and drive. She quickly became friends with most of the crew on the yacht, including Sailor Culver. Their similar sense of humor and character made them loyal friends, which prompted Brittini to suggest that the two of them go on a van trip after the end of the charter season. However, as the charter season continued, the rest of the BDDU team noticed Brittini and Culver’s close relationship and began pushing them to bond, which led to Brittini having feelings for Culver. After Brittini insisted on a romantic relationship several times, and Culver did not reciprocate, their friendship began to deteriorate, and the reality of their van ride was questioned.

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Brittini doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the future of her van ride with Culver and is still getting ready to rent a motorhome. However, fans don’t think a van ride is really going to happen. Most of the responses to a survey by Reddit user FormicaDinette33 on this topic were “No”, with most commenters deciding that it was obvious that Culver was going to abandon the trip; however, Brittini would most likely still use a rented mobile home. “I can already see him exhaling in slow motion. But she will leave because she is so cool,” commented u/Dial-M-for-Mediocre.

Fans also speculated why Culver from Below Deck Down Under didn’t reciprocate Brittini’s romantic advances. Some speculate that he may be Ayesha Scott’s main stew, but Ayesha’s current relationship makes that unlikely. Others noted that Culver might not have noticed Brittini’s flirtation. Be that as it may, this is unlikely, since the persecution of Brittini Culver was far from sophisticated. Culver also flirted back at first, as he seemed attracted to Brittini. Although he agreed to go on a van trip and seemed excited about it, as the date approached, he began to get scared. “I think at the moment he was excited talking about it, but now that the season is coming to an end and Brittini is really planning it, he realizes that he may not be as enthusiastic as he expected,” suggested Reddit user MyGutReaction.

Whether that’s the case or not, it seems that Brittini and Culver’s van ride is dead. Although season 1 of BDDU was filmed last summer, there is no indication on Brittini’s Instagram that the trip happened before the show began airing on Peacock in March 2022. Let’s hope that the finale or special reunion of season 1 of “Below Deck Down Under” can give some closure to Brittini and Culver’s relationship.