On The Eve of The “Spare” Harry, Another Royal Publication Sheds Light on The Abandoned Childhood of Prince Harry and Prince William


Prince Harry has already delivered a bundle of nerves to the British monarchy with his upcoming memoirs. In addition to this, another royal publication recently called on senior members of the royal family to portray how their lives have affected the younger princes. Among the long-awaited novel “Spare” there is another article by a royal expert who drew attention to what the lives of Prince Harry and Prince William looked like.

Royal expert Kate Nicholl recently published a book that seems to be chock-full of delicate unknown stories about the royal family. The book titled “New Members of the Royal Family: The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth and the Future of the Crown” reached the Kingdom’s subjects earlier this month, on October 4. As the name suggests, it sheds light on the smallest details of the first years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and its consequences. Here is an excerpt from the book that made us think.

How Raising Charles cost Prince Harry and Prince William too Much

No one knows about the tragic death of Princess Diana and the treacherous influence she had on the family. It would not be a mistake to say that a dysfunctional family feels the same impact to this day. However, at one time, the princess left her two growing sons in the arms of their father Charles. The book says: “Due to his busy work schedule and the fact that Camilla is now a priority in his personal diary, Charles trusted William and Harry too much for them to take care of themselves.”

Telling an example to justify the same, Kate wrote an anecdote after her bold statement. Boys were most often at a loss at the height of their adolescence. Both brothers founded a club called “Club H” in Highgrove. It was the center of their lavish parties and extravagant friendly dinners. Helplessly, Harry developed the habit of drinking and smoking cigarettes at just 17 years old.

As a result, many who were least worried didn’t cause any trouble. However, when a local government aide caught a whim of marijuana inside the hotel, “Harry was often caught.” Even then, the boys actually ended up calling the Royal Security Battalion instead of Father Charles, as he was never around.

This was just the tip of the iceberg of what the book is trying to convey. Have you read the story? How do you feel about such important issues?


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