On the eve of the 8th season of the show “Southern Charm” Madison Lecroy shares sincere thoughts about Craig Conover’s girlfriend


The cast of “Southern Charm” didn’t quite leave things in a good place when we last saw them on TV. During the Season 7 reunion special that aired in February 2021, Craig Conover accused Madison Lecroy of sleeping with a famous MLB player (later named Alex Rodriguez). She confirmed that they accidentally chatted on the phone, but never met. (A-Rod denied any contact.) It is believed that the disputes of colleagues in the film “Bravo” about this will result in the upcoming eighth season, and before its premiere, Lecroy shared some honest thoughts about Conover’s new girlfriend.

Viewers will recognize this woman, Paige DeSorbo, from her work at Summer House, also on the Bravo network. She and Craig Conover have been dating for a little less than a year, but DeSorbo once admitted that she first fell in love with the same reality show star after watching Southern Charm, which premiered in 2014. She will appear on Conover’s show in season 8. and as a fan, you’d think she didn’t get along very well with Madison Lecroy, given the shaky history there. However, according to Lecroy, this is definitely not the case. During its latest Amazon Live event (opens in new tab) she said:

A big fan. I love Paige. I think she’s charming, she can’t be wrong. I hope Craig is okay, I know he loves her. But I love her. I hope they stay together because I want her to be around more often.


(Image courtesy of Bravo)

Apparently, the two women became friends during the filming of a reality show together. And a good rapport seems to have helped the dynamic with Craig Conover, because the former enemies were spotted in May doing a friendly TikTok together. The real drama in season 8 for Conover is obviously being filmed again with his ex-girlfriend/ex-film partner, Naomi Olindo, who has returned after a long absence. He previously claimed they had settled everything during the season, but in the show’s trailer, he shockingly stated that they had slept together “recently.” Meanwhile, Paige DeSorbo is heard telling him that hanging out with his ex is “inappropriate.”

It sounds dirty, but it’s a southern charm for you. Madison Lecroy herself took a step back from the drama (at least a little), signing up only as a “friend of the show” for the 8th season. During her speech, she said that she tried to “avoid confrontation at all costs,” adding that her “priorities have changed a lot.” (However, that didn’t stop her from bumping into her co-stars due to old rumors that A-Rod is resurfacing.)

Presumably, she is referring to the priorities of getting engaged to the new (and more secretive) guy in her life, Brett Randle. This year he didn’t decide to appear on a reality show because it’s “none of his business.” However, the starlet teased during the live broadcast that Randle could “possibly join in the future” because of how much calmer he became after seeing how filming unfolded.

However, I’m not entirely sure that Brett Randle and I watched the same trailer for season 8 of Southern Charm. Because from what I’ve seen, it seems that relationship problems have reached an all-time high again. Craig Conover and Austin Kroll looked like they were in a real fight, Kroll and Shep Rose were arguing over a girl again (reminiscent of Madison Lecroy’s memories), and even Catherine Dennis apparently had problems with her new boyfriend (along with the claimed child). custody issues). After all the fractures became public, who likes the idea of filming more?

I don’t know, I think shooting a reality show wouldn’t be “my thing” either. It’s better to just watch, huh? We will learn more details about the dynamics between Madison Lecroy, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo and more when the premiere of the 8th season of “Southern Charm” takes place on the Bravo Channel on June 23 at 21:00. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The show is also available the next day with a Peacock Premium subscription.