On the eve of the 7th season of “Outlanders”, Starz has presented a big update for a new TV prequel


Being one of the most passionately loved cable series at the moment, the equally romantic and violent Starz drama “Outlander” should continue the shortened sixth season of 2022 with the largest batch of episodes from the first season. Moreover, this became known earlier. a year when the network was considering ideas for a prequel project based on the historical setting of “Outlander”. Now Starz has given fans the opportunity to celebrate, not only confirming the existence of a prequel in development, but also reporting some details about it.

First of all, the project now has an official name: “Stranger: The Blood of my Blood”, and do not think that this will open a fascinating series of vampire pogroms. The use in this case refers strictly to family bloodlines, although I can easily imagine that more than a little blood will be shed for reasons both beneficial (for example, the birth of a child) and evil.

“Outlander: Blood of My Blood,” somewhat similar to the Winchesters’ upcoming prequel to the long-running CW hit “Supernatural,” will “follow the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents,” according to a Starz announcement. Just in case anyone is wondering where Sam Heughan’s character learned to be so damn smooth, this show aims to prove that the sexy apple didn’t fall far from the sexy tree. Or perhaps something much more poetic and insightful than sexy trees.

The network confirmed that the writers are currently working on a new prequel project, in which Matthew B. Roberts will be the head writer and showrunner of “Outlander”, as well as an executive producer. Roberts has been the screenwriter and author of the EP “Outlanders” since the early days of its existence, is currently the showrunner of the flagship series, and was also the director of one episode and the director of the second division of several more. The author of the series of books, Diana Gabeldon, will participate behind the scenes as a consulting producer, and the TV producer of “Outlander”, Ronald D. Moore will be the executive producer of the new series.

Here ‘s what Starz President of Original Programming Catherine Busby said about the new show:

“Outlander” is an exciting series that wins the hearts of fans all over the world from season to season. We are happy to open the layers of this vibrant world to show our audience the origin of where it all started. Matthew, Meryl and Ronald will continue to bring their excellent vision and creativity to this new iteration, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

The 7th season of “Outlander” has several new actors, as it is moving forward much earlier than its possible release. While waiting for news on who might play Jamie’s parents, watch a host of other shows that are likely to quench the thirst for “Outlander,” and skip to our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out what else will appear on the small screen this year.


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