On The Eve of Season 3, Superman and Lois Star Elizabeth Tullock Compares Her Experience of a Superhero TV Show With a Grimm


Superman and Lois finally have a premiere date for the third season, which will air on the CW as one of the last surviving superhero series and most of the year after the second season finale with its big Arrowverse opening. While Elizabeth Tulloch has been absent from the small screen as Lois Lane since June, the actress has been communicating with fans via the Grimm rewatch podcast, which she hosts alongside fellow former stars Claire Coffey and Brie Turner. Tulloch shared how her experience in “Superman and Lois” compares to her experience in “Grimm.”

While Superman and Lois still have a full third season ahead of them, Grimm ended his six-season run back in 2017. Despite the fact that he moved on to a permanent role in the new series, Elizabeth Tulloch (who married the main character Grimm and the current star of “A Million Little Things”). David Gintoli) reflected on her time in Portland, Oregon, as Juliet/Eva with her colleagues on the TV series “Grimm” in their podcast, and how it relates to where she is now. When she spoke to CinemaBlend about The Grimmcast in the fall, the actress shared:

We all said how much we miss Portland, and I said it’s different when you’re there. The reality is that right now I am in Vancouver, Canada, and have been there for the last three years. Part of the reason my experience with Superman and Lois was different is because we started filming during COVID, so you really couldn’t go outside. You really couldn’t hang out with the actors. It was quite an isolating experience. I was hanging out with a couple of people in a band that I worked with a lot.

As we spoke, Elizabeth Tulloch had returned to work on the third season of Superman and Lois, although the show’s premiere in March 2023 was still a few months away. Although she technically debuted in the Arrow Universe as Lois Lane (after some hesitation) along with Tyler Hacklin as Superman back in 2018 as part of the Elseworlds crossover, their separate show was not shown until early 2021, after the start of COVID.

The pandemic protocols meant that hanging out with the actors of Superman and Lois was simply impossible, as it was during her Grimm days. Just as there are differences between Lois and Juliet, Tulloch’s TV experience between the two shows was definitely not the same. She further reflected on how the entertainment industry has changed in the years since the premiere of the NBC series, saying:

Looking back, the industry was very different in 2011 when we started shooting, and it has changed so much over the last decade, but for us it was like a summer camp. And so it was, and then we went to Montana every summer with the producers. We were all about the same age, so we all hung out together, so I think about it with such love.

Elizabeth Tulloch’s love for Grimm after many years is evident in The Grimmcast, which reviews every episode of the series, as well as talks about filming and answers questions from fans. At the moment, Tulloch, Claire Coffey and Brie Turner have already moved on to the first season, and Grimm veterans participated in the podcast, including David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell and Danny Bruno, and that’s just three!

Grimmcast (available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other platforms) is a great way to have fun between episodes of Superman and Lois, and it’s easy for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription to watch with former stars. All six seasons are available in streaming mode on the platform.

As for “Superman and Lois,” the superhero series returns on Tuesday, March 14, in the schedule of TV premieres in 2023, before the premiere of the series “Knights of Gotham” on the CW channel. You can also find the first two seasons streaming with an HBO Max subscription.


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