On the eve of “Enola Holmes 2″, review the game ”Riddle Me This” between Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill


Of course, “Stranger Things” became the breakthrough role of the amazing Millie Bobby Brown, but her performance in “Enola Holmes” also received great love and praise. Along with Brown, the film also starred such familiar names as Helena Bonham Carter, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin. Instead of diminishing in their presence, the young actress held on and even stood out. Her image of a fast-talking, fourth-wall-breaking young detective and the youngest of the Holmes family will forever remain in our hearts.

The original film even brought together three graduates of the flagship Netflix shows; The Witcher, Peaky Blinders and Stranger Things. Back in 2020, the stars were at the peak of the success of the first film. It was then that the Holmes brothers and sisters found time to let off steam by playing a fun game. Let’s see how it happened.

Millie Bobby Brown made riddles to Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin

Any detective film always consists of a series of clues and riddles that are slowly solved, leading to the final exposure. Enola Holmes was no different. Conveying the basic spirit and spirit of the film, Netflix uploaded a video of the Holmes siblings enjoying the game “Wish Me This”. While Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin were trying to solve riddles, Millie Bobby Brown took on the role of quiz master. The first riddle posed looked something like this.

“What comes once in a minute, twice in an instant, but never in a thousand years?”

Right from the back, the question put the screen brothers at a dead end. While Claflin from “Sharp Visors” admitted that he “does not solve riddles well,” Cavill gave the wrong answer: “bus.” The inserts from the movie added to the video made it even more fun. Finally, Millie’s very funny statement about the question helped Cavill. He guessed the correct answer: “M, the letter M.” Then came the second riddle

“What has many keys but can’t open even one lock?”

Unsurprisingly, there have been many failed attempts, including “ocean, channel” and more. Brown even accidentally struck, saying that “it’s useless.” In the end, Claflin answered “piano,” and the Witcher star suggested “keyboard.” Of course, Sam won a point there, but maybe technically Henry was on the right track too.

To learn more riddles, you can watch the entire video above. Let us know how much you did right in the comments. Claflin, Cavill and Brown will decorate our screens with the film “Enola Holmes 2” on November 4. In the meantime, you can review the first part by streaming it on Netflix.


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