On the anniversary of the Queen’s death: Is Charles to blame for Harry’s delay?


Is Prince Harry (38) looking for a scapegoat? The grandson of the late Queen Elizabeth II ( ✝ 96) could not say goodbye to his beloved grandmother. He arrived at the Scottish country estate of Balmoral Castle only after her death, and it seemed to weigh on him. But now, almost three weeks after the Queen’s death, insiders say: Harry should blame his father, King Charles (73 years old), for his lateness!

Insiders are said to have told The Sun that there were some inconsistencies shortly before Harry left his British home, Frogmore Cottage. Initially, he wanted to come with his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), but Charles asked him to come alone. “Harry was so busy getting Meghan to Balmoral and arguing with his family that he missed his flight,” the source explained. It is said that the royal high school dropout was angry and even declined an invitation to dinner with his family.

It is reported that a few weeks before her death, the Queen invited Harry and Meghan to Balmoral on a family visit to spend time together. However, the couple refused, which Harry is now said to regret, because it would have been the last chance to see his grandmother again. However, he could not have guessed that either.


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