Omori: how to get batteries


At the beginning of Omori, shortly after meeting Omori’s friends at the playground and learning how to rescue, Basil in a flower crown disappears. His quest makes up most of the player’s journey.

The first place where the game sends the player is Another World, a tourist stop for space travelers. There is a lot to explore here, but one oddity is the frozen lake in the east. Next to the fishing spot and the unique store there is an empty igloo with a locked hatch and mechanical fish that need batteries.

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As many players can guess, the fish, batteries and hatch are interconnected. That being said, players shouldn’t worry too much about this place when they first arrive. They will only be able to use it towards the end of Omori’s long journey and only on an alternative route. Given this, there will be light spoilers in this article.

Omori Alternative Route

The players’ time in Omori is divided into two phases. There is a time in the dream world where they play for Omori, and there is a time in reality when they play a real copy of Omori, Sunny.

The separation of the route occurs during periods of wakefulness. If the player meets Kel at the door and explores a Distant city, then he gets on the standard route, also known as the Solar Route. If they ignore the Kel and stay inside each time, they end up on the Hikikomori route, also known as the Omori route.

Batteries can only be found on the Hikikomori route. The dead batteries that players find on both routes are completely unrelated.

Battery Search

First, players need to advance through the plot to the chapter “One Day Left”. Once there, they must return to Another world and visit the house of the Cosmonaut Captain. At the top of the stairs, his father Pinkbeard is waiting for him, and a conversation with him will start a cut scene that ends with the player receiving batteries.

From there, the player needs to insert batteries into the fish, and it will start singing in a voice eerily similar to the voice of K.K. from Animal Crossing. Slider. As soon as the song ends, the hatch will open. Under the hatch, players can find the letter “G” to play with the executioner and a portal to an additional area called Snow Globe Mountain.

Snowglobe Mountain is a vast area with many unique NPCs and hidden objects. The highlight is the updated boss battle with the Cosmonaut captain, who is now called the space ex-husband, at the top of the mountain.

Omori is already available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.