Omori: how long to beat


Omori is a complex game with many paths and endings, as well as a lot of additional content. This means that the duration of this psychological horror game can dramatically increase and decrease depending on how deeply the player wants to dive into it. This guide is here to develop this idea, and fans can find details about how long it will take to defeat Omori in the following.

How long to defeat Omori

A player who has focused his attention on reaching the end of Omori can expect to complete his first pass in about 20 hours. However, this length can be significantly increased due to the aforementioned additional content, which mainly takes the form of side quests. Indeed, most of the quests in the game are optional, and indie video game enthusiasts who largely pursue side quests can add about 10 hours to the experience.

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However, this, of course, is not the end of the story, since Omori’s alternative routes and a variety of endings make it possible to spend much more time playing the game. While this guide won’t go into details about these features to avoid further spoilers, it makes sense that it will take 70 hours to see everything the game has to offer. Of course, this is a significant investment of time, and not every player will be interested in this.

On the other hand, some players will be more than happy to get lost in the Omori world for as long as possible. Indeed, many consider this game to be one of the best RPG Maker games of all time, and some fans will be sad to see it coming to an end. For those players who find themselves in this situation, there are several other games they might want to play after they finish this one.

Perhaps the most obvious game to recommend to fans looking for something like Omori is Yume Nikki, a psychological horror game that also uses RPG Maker as its engine and is freely available on Steam. Off is another RPG Maker game that can quench the same itch as the Hello Charlotte series. And then there are Undertale and Deltarune, games that are not exactly related to Omori, but, nevertheless, can evoke a response from his fans.

Omori is available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.