OMG! Anastasiya Kvitko doesn’t fit so much in her pants: Look!


It is clear that what for some people is a problem, for others, real optimists, represents an opportunity.

We do not know if that is the maxim of Anastasiya Kvitko or if the Russian likes to look at life with pink glass glasses, everything is possible.

She does that huge size, she likes to be seen arriving from several kilometers before reaching the goal, and not only by curves, but also by the models with which she extols her nature.

It is noted that Anastasiya does not care about investing in clothies, spending huge amounts of money on fabrics that will last for an assault, because that means that his thing has the dimensions he seeks, those that bring it closer to Demi Rose, or according to some, those who overcome it.

Therefore, when we see it in triplicate, teaching jeans-based rearguard, the fans were crazy.

Because the curvy has no problem moving, moving everything at the pace that marks the steps and wearing heels, a feat with that size!

Because we know that it has taken his life to finish them on and we do not know how he will be able to take them off and because, as much as the model tries, there is no more gram in the pants!

He has achieved the size XXL that is so eager to find some of the pink section, surpassing Kim Kardashian, leaving us with doubts about Demi and causing Yuliett Torres to reconsider his own with the exercise.

This time they have been the pants, but there is no known fabric or garment that resists the nature of their nature. What for the rest of the women would be cause for tears, for her it is cause for pride and fame.

That’s why he is known and has to take care of him, what irony!


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