Omar Ayuso compares Arón Piper to Pegasus!


Actor Omar Ayuso just compared his friend, and onscreen partner, Arón Piper, to the horse Pegasus on his Instagram account

It is not uncommon to see partners on screen, friends in everyday life. Omar Ayuso and Arón Piper prove our point. Indeed, “together” in the Elite series, the two would not let go in everyday life.

In fact, the latest shot of Omar Ayuso proves it. The one who plays Nadia’s brother in the Spanish series capturing “Ander” posing in front of the rear of a carriage emblazoned with the horse Pegasus.

A cliché that gives us high hopes for their future relationship in the next season of Elite? Perhaps. Indeed, those who follow the creation of Netflix know that their story is not so simple. One shot together, one separate shot,… Andér and Omar surprise us with each episode.

Plus, seeing the two actors so close behind the screen doesn’t have to mean that everything is going to be okay with them in Elite fiction. For that, we will have to be patient.

Indeed, no information regarding the release of the next season has been communicated. At least, nothing concrete about the return of Omar Ayuso and Arón Piper on our screens.


This is why the slightest snapshot is synonymous with information on the subject. If we had more information on the Elite sequel, maybe we wouldn’t have needed so much to talk about the Omar Ayuso snap.

A cliché that is by the way nothing exceptional subliminally speaking. The actor just capturing his friend having fun and posing behind a car emblazoned with the famous winged horse. The whole thing, cigarette in the mouth just to make even more bad boy.

A cliché that we invite you to find further down in this article and which has nevertheless aroused many reactions. Indeed, fans of both actors commented on the post en masse, letting it be known that Arón Piper was a very handsome boy.

No wonder those who follow him on social media. It must be said that Omar Ayuso’s on-screen boyfriend has an Apollo body. So it is easy to understand how hot he can give his fans.


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