Olivia Wilde claimed that Shia Labeouf was a Don’t & Worry Darling problem, but after that she tried to work with him a second time.


There was a lot of talk about Olivia Wilde’s upcoming psychological thriller “Don’t Worry, Darling.” This was partly due to the passionate sex scenes that will be shared between stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. But there was also a lot of talk about Shia LaBeouf, who was originally going to play the male lead, which Stiles eventually shot. And although Wilde claimed that LaBeouf was the problem in “Don’t Worry, Honey,” it turned out that after that she tried to work with him a second time.

The expectation of “Don’t Worry, Darling” is steadily growing, largely thanks to the cast featuring pop star and actor Harry Styles. But in fact, Shia Labeouf was the first actor who was invited to play the role of Jack. Wilde claimed she fired the “Transformers” actor, which led to him responding online and things quickly went viral. Although it turns out that despite the drama on set, soon after that she actually tried to shoot him in a music video. Let’s take a look at what we know thanks to the THR report.

How Olivia Weidl and Shia Labeouf Almost Worked Together After Don’t Worry Darling Brouhaha

Initially, Shia Labeouf was supposed to play along with Florence Pugh in the film “Don’t worry, darling.” He eventually walked away from the role, and both he and Wilde told conflicting stories about exactly what happened. But despite the fact that his departure still took place, they began to collaborate on another project: a music video for singer and actress Rainie Qually. The music video starred LaBeouf and “The Maid” actress Margaret Qually, and Olivia Wilde was reportedly assigned to direct as a favor to the sisters. But in the end, it’s not quite as planned.

While Olivia Wilde was shooting footage for the “Love Me Like You Hate Me” video, she was reportedly unable to complete her work. Namely, because Shia Labeouf was working on his version and presented it before Wilde did the same. Apparently they had a falling out over this via email before Wilde left the project entirely. Combine this story with a reworking of “Don’t worry, Darling,” and suddenly their enmity will make even more sense.

What Olivia Wilde originally said about Shia LaBeouf’s departure “Don’t worry, honey”

During the initial press for “Don’t Worry, Darling,” Olivia Wilde hinted that she had fired Shia LaBeouf from an upcoming project, and that he could be a problem on set. During a previous interview with Variety, the director/actress spoke about this turn of events, saying:

I say this as a person who is a big fan of his work. His process did not correspond to the spirit that I demand from my productions. He has a process that seems to require fighting energy, and I personally don’t believe it contributes to better performances. I believe that creating a safe and trusting environment is the best way to get people to do their job in the best possible way. Ultimately, my responsibility to the production and to the actors is to protect them. It was my job.

But Shia Labeouf seemed offended by this insinuation, defended himself and told a contradictory story about what happened. Honey Boy’s screenwriter claimed that she left the film because he couldn’t rehearse with the actors before filming. Moreover, a video was leaked in which Wilde asks him to return to the set and, apparently, condemns Florence Pugh. And as such, the whole situation has become dizzying. And this is not even taking into account the fact that Wilde was handed custody documents during the presentation of the film at CinemaCon.

“Don’t Worry, Darling” will be released in theaters on September 23. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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