Olivia Rodrigo And Her Influences That Inspire Her In Music


Olivia Rodrigo has become a very popular singer, what are her musical influences? Olivias Rodrigo has enchanted many with her songs, what can we find in her music? This shows her greatest musical inspirations.

Olivia Rodrigo has become one of the most listened to and relevant singers today, the young singer has managed to sweep the music charts around the world thanks to her great talent and power of composition, singing and even performance.

Thanks to all her skills, great passion and dedication that she has put into her songs , Olivia has gained great recognition, many fans and accumulating success after success since the release of her album ‘Sour’ ; in this we can find songs like ‘deja vu’ or ‘drivers license’ much loved by the audience.

Who inspired Olivia Rodrigo for your music? In her songs we find different topics with which we can even identify ourselves, in addition to her experience , she also admires other artists who motivate her to follow her path within music .


Much of the inspiration of Olivia Rodrigo for her songs comes from their experiences lived, heartbreaks, stories, friends and others who have left their mark on the young singer and which is based to write and compose tracks that can go straight to the heart of the audience.

But in addition, she is also a music lover and finds enough inspiration in other artists to write and compose, there are two singers especially who have inspired Olivia for her songs, these are Lorde and Taylor Swift .

She also enjoys others such as St. Vincent and One Direction , but in her tracks we can find the influence of the singers much more marked than of other artists.

Lorde is a singer, songwriter, and producer who began her career at a very young age and enjoyed great success from 25012, perhaps everyone remembers her for her song ‘Royals’, which was one of the most listened to and with which this artist achieved great recognition.


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Taylor Swift has a wide career in music, with more than 10 years working and giving many successes, in addition to proving herself in various genres such as country , pop and even a little rock ; the singer has been widely listened to and recognized, undoubtedly someone worthy of admiration.

This is how Olivia Rodrigo has shown that she feels great admiration for singers who demonstrate all the female power in the music industry and who still dominate the world today. You can read more about your favorite singers and continue to admire them.


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