Olivia Flowers of Southern Charm Says She and Austin Kroll Are Exclusive, Moved On from Ciara’s Drama and “calculated” Madison


Despite what critics and former lovers Austin Kroll may think, he and Olivia Flowers are still strong, as the 8th season of “Southern Charm” is broadcast on the Bravo channel.

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“We are in a good place. We had an incredible summer together, we traveled, and we’re still fine,” the 30—year-old exclusively told Us Weekly, confirming that they don’t see other people. “We’re just having fun. We traveled a lot this summer. We’ve been to really cool places, and when you travel with them, you always get to know someone on a different level. And we relaxed a little bit as soon as the cameras left and the show stopped. We just really got to know each other and found out if this was what we wanted, and we’re definitely present in each other’s lives.”

The Bravo newcomer added that “despite how it looks in the series,” she’s in no hurry to get married, explaining that the diamond ring on her finger in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” earlier this month was just a “gorgeous” ring from the stylist.

Olivia also admitted that she had “heard a lot of people’s opinions” about Austin even before they started officially dating.

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“But I hung out with him a couple of times and we always just had fun and had a good time,” she explained. “So I really didn’t let other people’s opinions or pre-existing drama influence me in any way.”

However, this pre-existing drama will play out in the series when Ciara Miller from Summer House comes to town during the episode on Thursday, August 11, after Austin is upset by the fact that Olivia brought a girl to a dog wedding at Patricia Altschul. dom.

“[Ciara] was in town, and that night they all dispersed. And of course I was a little overwhelmed, but I was so overwhelmed that he was upset about my date if he was going to go and hang out with his ex,” Olivia told Us. “So I was more based on my disappointment, but we recovered from that and are moving forward. And that’s what happens when you’re in this weird gray area with someone.”

Although Olivia did not watch the 6th season of “Summer House”, in which Austin was in a love triangle with Ciara, whom he met in “Winter House”, and Lindsay Hubbard, whom he met in the past, she guessed later during the filming of “Southern Charm”.

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“I didn’t watch him during filming, and then he just kept hearing about it and talking about it, so I went to see what all the fuss was about,” she told Us. “But again, that was before me. So I didn’t really weigh what I thought or what I thought went down. Just thought they’d passed him by.

While fans will have to watch Thursday’s episode to see what’s going on with Ciara, the nurse revealed during the “Summer House” season 6 reunion that she and Austin actually dated in the fall before ending their relationship for good.

Another ex—girlfriend of Austin — Madison Lecroy – was at the center of Austin and Olivia’s relationship. After Olivia called Madison a “homey girl,” the hairdresser responded by calling her “homey” and “homeless.”

“In less than a day, I turned from a homeless person into a complete trash. I think it was impressive,” Olivia told Us, calling her colleague “calculating.”

She concluded: “I don’t think much of her.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo at 21:00 ET. To learn more about Olivia, watch the video above.


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