Oliver Parker is throwing a Christmas party in honor of Amira’s birthday.


The surprise for Oliver Poher (44) was a complete success! The artist met his current wife Amira Pocherk in 2016. In 2019, the couple said yes, today they have two sons. Now the presenter has turned 30 — this time her partner surprised her with a special gesture: Ollie organized a surprise Christmas party for his Amira!

“As you know, Amira is a big fan of Christmas,” the comedian explained in his Instagram story, adding: “Amira actually wanted to spend her birthday in the snow or, preferably, on Christmas, but unfortunately her birthday is September 28. Which is better? What to do? You’ll just bring her Christmas.” That’s why he planned a Christmas party at the ski hall and surprised his wife with it.

The surprise seemed to work: Amira couldn’t believe her luck on the video from the party and even wiped tears of emotion from her face. “I’m still speechless and shocked,” the brunette wrote in her Instagram story.


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