OLED Switch Will Have More Drift-Resistant JoyCons


OLED Switch: Nintendo has announced that the OLED Switch’s JoyCons will be more resistant to drift, a recurrent problem since the console’s launch in 2017.

According to the Video Games Chronicle, the information was revealed during the latest episode of the Ask the Developer (formerly Iwata Asks) board. In the video, Ko Shiota and Toru Yamashita, members of Big N’s Technology Development Division, talked about the hardware improvements of the OLED version and the units of all the most recently manufactured Switch versions.

“The JoyCon controls have a lot of different functionality, so we’re continually making improvements that aren’t always visible,” said Yamashita. According to him, the analog sticks have been constantly improved since the release of the hybrid console, and to date the company has been working on improvements to the control parts.

Yamashita, who works at the company as Vice General Manager of Technology Development, explained that Nintendo has always been doing durability tests on analog controllers to improve the strength and durability of the equipment.

“JoyCon’s analog stick parts are not something that can be bought off any shelf,” continued the Vice Manager, explaining that the parts are created especially for the equipment.

“When the effects of our enhancements are confirmed, we promptly incorporate them into the JoyCons included with the console, Nintendo Switch Lite, and separately sold [controls] that are manufactured in the period,” said Yamashita.

Ko Shiota, the company’s General Manager for Technology Development, compared the wear of analogues with that of car tires, which “wear as the vehicle moves, as they are in constant friction with the ground.”


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