Older MacBooks are crashing with macOS Big Sur


Apple released macOS Big Sur and one more problem can be added to the list of headaches caused by the operating system. After instabilities last week, the software is crashing some older MacBook Pro models.

According to reports published by users on the internet, the problems happen on computers launched in 2013 and 2014 that are compatible with Big Sur. After the update, the 13 “MacBook Pro gets stuck on a black screen and performing system recovery can be complicated.

According to one of the users affected by the flaw, Apple support even recommended that the product be taken to a physical store for the problem to be resolved. MacRumors also points out that the manufacturer’s engineering team has also been notified of the bug, which has not yet received a fix.

Despite the various reports, it is not yet clear whether the problem is very wide-ranging. Still, if you have a 13 ” MacBook Pro released in 2013 or 2014 and haven’t installed Big Sur yet, the tip is to wait to upgrade to the new operating system.

More problems

MacOS Big Sur is the new version of the Apple system that brings optimizations to the Apple M1, the company’s first computer chip. The software has news that bring the experience of use to iOS and iPadOS, but ended up causing problems in its launch.

The operating system arrived last Thursday (12) and users faced server errors when downloading the new version of the OS. The situation got even more complicated after reports of problems opening third-party applications, which raised concerns about spying.

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