An old video of Shakira comes to light showing that her hips do not lie


What movements! An old video of Shakira comes to light showing that her hips do not lie. The ravine never ceases to surprise.

Shakira is in the sights of everyone right now, and is that her next public presentation has high expectations for her fans around the world.

On February 2 the Colombian will give a show with the diva Jennifer Lopez in the halftime of the Super Bowl, which is the most watched show on American television.

This commitment has both living a season in the city of Miami, since the rehearsals are in the venue where it will be the magnificent show at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Fans debate which of the two will shine most that important night, and in this way the followers of the philanthropist have been posting the best moments on the stage of the dancer.

One of them got a video of the year 1996 in which you can see the Shakira with black hair that fell in love with everyone at the beginning, and also moves her hips to the rhythm of the cumbia in Barranquilla.

The sensual businesswoman always manages to upset the instincts of the calmest with her dances, and this was still that case. With tight black pants and also showed a lot when the light hit her directly danced to the rhythm of cumbia cienaguera.

There is less and less to see “The Bronx Diva” and the interpreter of “The hips do not lie” together on stage, a fact that may not be repeated for many years.


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