OKEx’s IEO success: Top 4 with 600% return on investment


The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx ranks among the top 4 in IEOs, with an average investment return of 600 percent, and the stock market leaves a milestone on February 25.

OKEx, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is also known for its IEO platform, Jumpstart, where cryptocurrencies are offered for sale before they are listed on the exchange.

According to the data of Cryptorank.io, OKEx’s Jumpstart platform is among the top 4, with an average return of 603 percent of the token sales ever made.

OKEx leaves an important milestone behind on February 25. The stock exchange will sell the 10th token on Jumpstart. This important day is devoted to a special cryptocurrency project: HyperDAO.

Participation made easy
The stock market made it easier to invest in Jumpstart projects. The new rules will be implemented for the first time with HyperDAO. Accordingly, users who keep at least 100 OKB daily for 5 days before the token sale day are entitled to invest in OKEx Jumpstart projects. As can be seen in the table below, as the amount of OCD held in this period increases as 500 and its multiples, more tokens are provided.

Opportunities for those who miss the 5-day period continue: OCD is not a must
Users do not have to hold tokens every day for 5 days to invest in HyperDAO before they are listed on the stock market. Those with a minimum spot volume of at least 5 BTC in OKEx will also be able to participate. Likewise, as the table below shows, the possibility of getting more tokens as the BTC volume increases.

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In addition, those with an average daily OCD of at least 100 OCD within 5 days will be able to invest. That is, someone who received 500 OCD on February 24, the last day, can also participate by reaching an average of 100 per day.

The sale of HyperDAO will take place in two sessions. The first session was reserved for those who had the right to participate by holding OCD, and the second session was reserved for those who had the right to participate according to the volume of transactions in the stock market. February 25, 2020 TSI will start at 07.00 and 100,000,000 HDAO will be distributed in the first session that will last half an hour, and 08,000,000 HDAO will be distributed in the second session, which will continue at 08:00 the same day. Each person will receive a minimum of 32,000 and a maximum of 400,000 HDAO. The selling price of each HDAO is $ 0.01.

To be listed with USDT parity, no Chinese
HDAO will be listed at OKEx on February 25, 2020, at 10:00. The cryptocurrency will take place along with the USDT parity. Finally, China is among the restricted countries of token sales.

For detailed information on HyperDAO, which offers a one-stop DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem where effective, transparent, reliable and all financial services are available on a single platform for users all over the world:


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