OKEx Opens Withdrawals on November 27!


The crypto currency exchange OKEx has announced that it will open withdrawals, which it has kept closed for several weeks. According to the statement made by OKEx CEO Jay Hao on social media, exchange users will be able to start withdrawing money from November 27 without any problems.

Bitcoin and crypto exchange OKEx has confirmed that it will reopen withdrawals that were suspended due to the arrest of the exchange founder Star Xu. OKEx CEO Jay Hao confirmed the allegations we shared yesterday and this morning on Weibo.

Transactions can be made as of November 27

Allegations emerged yesterday that Star Xu, who was arrested by Chinese police a few weeks ago, was released. OKEx users started hoping as these claims got stronger in the morning. Stock market CEO Jay Hao shared a tweet earlier in the afternoon, announcing that the money in the stock exchange is safe and users can withdraw their money without any problems over time.

Jay Hao posted a new post on Weibo just hours after this announcement. In this post, OKEx CEO shared via social media, stated that withdrawals in the stock exchange will continue as of November 27. Hao stated that there will be no restrictions on withdrawals and people can withdraw all of their money.

OKEx token is on the rise with this news

OKB, the OKEx exchange’s own cryptocurrency, took off with the spread of claims that Star Xu may have been released. According to CoinGecko data, the OKB token has gained more than 15 percent in the last 24 hours and started trading at $ 5.72.

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Although the price has risen this much in the last 24 hours, something interesting happened in the 20-minute time frame between 13:50 and 14:10 on the OCD chart. The OKB price dropped from $ 5.78 at 13:50 to $ 5.60 at 14:10. This timeframe coincides with the moment when Jay Hao confirmed his claim that withdrawals will open.

Dovey Wan, one of the industry’s well-known names, made a statement about this fluctuation in the OKB price and stated that this is a typical example of “sell the news”.


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