OKEx opens DeFi Hub that lets users print and sell their own NFTs


Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has launched DeFi Hub, which includes the NFT Marketplace, which allows users to easily print and sell their own NFTs.


With OKEx’s new platform, users can also trade other NFTs, access the exclusive collections of content creators selected by the OKEx NFT team, and participate in auctions. These special collections are displayed in the “Primary” section of the NFT Marketplace. Sales here are based on a fixed price or “highest bidder wins” auction method.

Sales are commission-free

All other NFTs sold on the primary market, created on the platform and exported are traded on the secondary market, called “Markets”. All sales in the secondary market are commission-free and users only pay network transaction fees.

The platform works with OKEx Wallet or MetaMask and supports two networks: Ethereum, OKExChain.

Another product offered alongside the NFT Marketplace is the DeFi Dashboard. DeFi Dashboard has functions such as multi-chain (multi-chain), multi-wallet (multi-wallet) and multi-asset (multi-asset). With this platform, users will be able to see their assets across multiple DeFi protocols or blockchains at a glance. DeFi Dashboard supports 24 different DeFi protocols including Uniswap, Maker, Compound, Aave and Sushiswap.


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