OKEx Changes Its Name and Brand Identity


Starting today, the OKEx brand is being renamed OKX. So OKEx will now be used as okx.com. According to the statements made, the applications will be rebranded to reflect the new name, new logo and new identity. There will be more changes in the next 6 to 12 months.

Why OKX?

Bitcoin was in its infancy as a network when the OKEx team just started their crypto journey, according to the statements. Ethereum was still in development. Other public blockchains and applications were nothing more than whitepapers. However, through Bitcoin, a truly open system image has been captured of a refreshingly diverse future, where each individual has the freedom and exclusivity to maximize their own value.

It is stated that this is the first thing that got OKEx to start, and OKEx started out as a cryptocurrency exchange. The Ex in the name represents the open market focused on creating for everyone to freely access and exchange crypto assets. The team started out as a centralized exchange, as this is what was necessary and viable for the industry to grow.

In a quick glance to 2022, the market cap of crypto has grown to over $2 trillion, which is about 20% of the market cap of gold. The rise of decentralized finance, NFTs and metaverses are creating exciting possibilities. Just a concept 10 years ago, Web 3.0 has become the new frontier of this wave of technological revolution. Change is the name of the process we are in.

OKEx is evolving as the industry evolves and catches the attention and imagination of more entrepreneurs, developers, and researchers. While building the most reliable and advanced centralized crypto exchange infrastructure to serve more than 20 million customers worldwide, they have not stopped challenging their own status quo. They develop decentralized products to advance crypto globally, including MetaX, a multi-blockchain compatible, surveillance-free wallet, an NFT marketplace, and OEC (a DEX with exciting features and high-performance metrics) and growing the community

OKEx states that they are building much more than a centralized exchange. “The time has come to evolve our brand to reflect what we stand for and where we want to go. We want to be involved in the possibilities that lie before us. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and gaming (P2E) are just starting points. So we drop E and choose X to build this path. We hope this exchange will help each of you on their journey across our platform, whether it is trading, staking, or participating in one of the metaverses.” words are used.

What Hasn’t Changed?

According to the statements made, the commitment to build a more decentralized and smarter future has not changed. OKX is in this field to build a world powered by technology, defined by billions of dreams, and empowering billions of individuals around the world. Along with many others in the crypto industry, they aim to create an increasingly decentralized layer of infrastructure that connects people around the world, creating autonomous and ad hoc communities, and giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.

In addition, it is stated that the user-oriented approach has not changed. Much of this change also resulted from the effort to continually improve products for users. He has helped this exchange overcome the growing pains of choosing good and evil with the support of its users around the world. With a renewed brand, the exchange aims to offer even stronger innovation, improved experience and deeper satisfaction to users across the ecosystem.

Next Developments

OKX is committed to making quality investments in the future of crypto.

A new experience within OKX, MetaX will provide a multi-chain, self-custody wallet and NFT marketplace along with a DEX and DApp ecosystem.

Introduced OEC (OKX’s decentralized chain), which offers around 1,000 transactions per second.

In the future, OKX will continue to launch next-generation crypto products and enhance existing products.

They will use OKB as a bridge between OKX platform and users, and use OKT as OEC’s native token.