Oil tankers will have battery equivalent to Tesla Model S


Asahi Tankers announced the purchase of two units of the world’s first fully electric oil tanker. With delivery scheduled for March 2022 and 2023, respectively, the units will be equipped with an immense set of batteries with almost 3.5 MWh of capacity. Its main objective will be to assist in refueling other vessels off the coast of Japan and providing emergency power in the event of natural disasters in Tokyo.

The new model will have Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) engines powered by the 3,480 kWh Orca ESS battery pack developed by Corvus Energy – the capacity is 41 Model S Long Range, Tesla’s longest-running electric car, with 85 kWh . Giant, it will be 62 meters long and 10.3 meters wide, with a maximum speed estimated at 10 knots (about 18.52 km / h).

The decision could define the beginning of positive changes in the category in relation to the environment, since the largest models of oil tankers can emit levels of pollution comparable to millions of traditional domestic vehicles. This is due to the high level of sulfur present in the fuel necessary for the operation of these vessels, something avoided in the new electric models.

According to Asahi Tankers, the new electric tanker will adopt the “e5” concept, with the acronym in English representing the main values ​​of a reliable, safe and high quality transport service, namely: electrification, environment, evolution, efficiency and economy.

The company comments on the benefits of the new model: “The two tankers will achieve zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and particles thanks to their all-electric central power system, drastically reducing their environmental impact” says the statement. In addition to sustainable benefits, the change may be more economically viable as it reduces costs.


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