Oi recorded more losses in the last quarter


As seen during the month of July, the expansion of Oi’s fiber optic network was the largest among Brazilian operators, according to data collected by Anatel.

The operator already totals about 6.7 million homes passed in FTTH, a technology that represents the number of houses that is reached by the Brazilian operator’s fiber optic network. Of that number, 1.6 million homes are already connected to Oi’s service, which represents an increase of 448% over the same period last year, a quarter in which there were about 237 thousand homes with Internet service per fiber optics of the telecommunications company.

Despite this, the company closed the last quarter – which is represented by the months of April to June – with a drop of 16% in the number of customers: there are 52.3 million in total. Of this number, 11.7 million are from the residential segment, which also registered a decrease in relation to the 12 million in the past period.

With all these figures, the company recorded – in the last three months – a 121% loss in its financial and operating performance in 2020. These data are also collected in comparison with the same months in 2019. With this, the company registers a brand negative R $ 3.2 billion in the document. Its net revenue, on the other hand, fell by 11%, with a record of R $ 4.490 billion.

Finally, other indexes also declined. The Ebitda decreased 7.8%, to R $ 1.464 billion, while Capex fell to R $ 1.75 billion – a decrease of 14.9%.

All of these numbers made the operator’s net debt rise to R $ 20 billion. The operator’s dividends totaled 12.5 billion in the second quarter of 2019. It is worth remembering that Enel also entered the fray to buy Oi Fibra and the operator raised the sale price of the division.

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