Oi de facto concludes Forensic Recovery


Oi announced, on Monday morning (15), the conclusion of the sale of Unida Proditiva Isolada Data Centers to the financial institution Piemonte Holding. In the transaction, carried out on Friday (12), five data centers that were part of the UPI were ceded to Titan Venture Capital, a Piemonte fund. According to the information released, the units are located in Brasília, Curitiba, São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

On the same day, Titan made a transfer of R $ 250 million, committing to pay the R $ 75 million in future installments. The assets, which were sold on November 26, 2020, cost R $ 325 million in total and will contribute to the performance of the company Elea Digital, controlled by Piemonte. Until Friday, the company managed a portfolio with Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal.

Judicial recovery process

The conclusion of the sale represents another step by Oi towards judicial recovery. Throughout this process, the company has already sold several parts of its structure and assets considered “non-strategic”. The objective, according to Oi, is to become “the largest telecommunications infrastructure provider in the country”.

For Piemonte Holding, the acquisition represents growth. In an interview with Tele.S Synthesis in January, the fund’s founder, Alessandro Lombardi, predicted an investment of R $ 100 million to improve data centers purchased from Oi, in addition to another R $ 300 million for new businesses.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the recent sale, Oi disposed of its mobile towers in January, which were purchased by the infrastructure company Highline. Subsequently, Oi Móvel’s assets were auctioned to a consortium between Claro, Tim and Vivo. The acquisition is currently under evaluation by Anatel and Cabe. In addition, still this year, Oi intends to sell Infraco, a unit that gathers its optical infrastructure in the country.