Oi customers must first transition to TIM


The operator TIM has established that it will integrate the customer base obtained from competitor Oi until the end of 2022. The process will take the whole of next year and ends only in December, according to the president of TIM Brasil, Pietro Labriola, during a results presentation conference.

According to the Telesynthesis website, the next stage of the process for TIM is to prepare the internal network to carry out the merger. In addition, later this year, the company plans to separate the current infrastructure network for providing services to the end customer, in addition to expanding the monetization of some platforms to the consumer.

Oi’s mobile phone division was acquired by a consortium between competitors TIM, Claro and Vivo in December 2020, after months of negotiation. The amount was essential for Oi’s judicial reorganization process, which sold other sectors and is now in a less delicate financial situation. The trio divided the customer base among themselves, but the Italian operator took the largest share, which is equivalent to about 14.5 million people.


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