Ohio State Football Veteran Responds to Ryan Day’s Challenge


Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has high hopes for his defense in 2022, but one of the team’s linebackers says he needs to strive for more.

At the Big Ten Media Day event last month, Day said he expects his Buckeyes to rank among the nation’s top ten quarterbacks. Senior LB TE Raja Mitchell thinks they could have done even better.

I inform journalists, Tuesday:

My standard and the way we work, I feel we should aim for No. 1, that’s the goal. We are not looking at the results, but at how we work, how hard we work — if you are going to work hard, you can also take first place.

Mitchell is in his fifth year and is one of the captains of the Ohio State defense.

Last year, the Virginia Beach native made 44 ball selections and 4.5 TFL while making his way into the starting lineup.

He is not alone in his opinion: new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles said that, in his opinion, OSU can enter the top five.


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