Ohio dad invented something to serve Halloween treats.


The ingenuity of an Ohio father is garnering attention on social media after he unveiled his Halloween invention: a “candy tube” to do the “trick or treat” without having to ring the doorbell or get close to the door.

Andrew Beattie of Cincinnati explained that he and his 6-year-old daughter devised the “candy chute” as a means of dispensing them on Halloween. It is a way of respecting social distance and reducing the possible spread of the virus.

“We took a tube from an Amazon package, taped it and spray-painted it,” Beattie told TODAY Parents.

The 6-foot tube was attached to the railing of the family’s front porch, creating the conduit for delivering candy.

“This will be a completely contactless experience so that ‘trick or treating’ is safe,” Beattie wrote in a Facebook post. “There will be a sign at the bottom of the tube that will show them where to store their bags and buckets so that the candy can fall directly.”

Beattie said all the candy will be factory sealed and that he will wear gloves, which he plans to change frequently, to avoid the possibility of spreading germs and the virus.


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