OH MY GIRL’s YooA drops playful music video for brand-new solo single ‘Selfish’


Her second mini-album with the same name was released.

YooA, a member and soloist of OH MY GIRL, presented a video clip for her new single “Selfish” from the eponymous mini-album of the second year.

On November 14, the K-pop idol released her second mini-album as a soloist called “Selfish”. The record is headed by the single of the same name, for which YooA also released a bizarre music video.

In the new image, YooA sings and dances to a new optimistic track from a press conference in the sky surrounded by pink and blue clouds. Colorful graphics surround the idol as she performs the song.

“My heart is in the tub / My patience is running out / Swim slowly again, you’re selfish / Dare to take and shake me,” she sings before the chorus of the new daring single.

“Selfish” marks Yua’s first solo release since her debut with “Bon Voyage” in 2020. There were five songs on this album, as well as the title track of the same name.

Before its release, YooA also announced the B-side tracks “Lay Low” and “Melody” with a couple of stage music videos shot in Spain. The first follows Yuya, who explores city streets and cafes to the soundtrack of a new pop track. Meanwhile, in a more relaxed “Melody”, the idol enjoys a relaxing day on a deserted beach.

Meanwhile, the last music of OH MY GIRL as a band was their studio album “Real Love”, which was released in March 2022. Shortly after the group ended its promotional activities, WM Entertainment announced that member Jiho was leaving the girl. the band and the agency, therefore, also made “Real Love” their latest release in the form of a septet.

In a handwritten letter after the news of her departure, Jiho shared that now she will support OH MY GIRL not as one of her members, but as a Miracle (the group’s fanbase). “Thanks to all of you, I have been able to grow and be happy for the last seven years,” she wrote to fans.


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