OGC Nice Executives Clearly Express Their Attitude to Jim Ratcliffe’s Possible Takeover of Manchester United.


British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has taken the first step in the process of taking over Manchester United.

Yesterday it became known that billionaire Ineos will bid to take the reins at Old Trafford.

Through a representative, Ratcliffe stated his desire to own the club of his childhood and finally put an end to the Glazer era.

It was also reported that the 71-year-old man’s people held talks with United executives and Glazers just a few hours before they made their statement.

Ratcliffe is no stranger to owning and running a football club. Ineos owns the French club OGC Nice.

There were rumors about how Ratcliffe would own United and Nice if he managed to acquire the 20-time champions of England.

UEFA laws will not allow the Red Devils to meet Nice in European competitions.

Nevertheless, this did not weaken the hopes of the OGC Nice club leaders to establish partnerships with United, one of the largest football clubs in the world.

L’Equipe reports: “Even if Ineos succeeds in the takeover of Manchester United, this will not affect OGC Nice.”

“Those who manage the French team say they are happy that Nice can eventually become a springboard or bridge club for Manchester United.

However, there is still a long way to go before this possibility becomes a reality.

Another update regarding Ratcliffe’s takeover efforts is that seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is not involved at the moment.


Hamilton has in the past stated his admiration for Ratcliffe and confirmed their shared business interests, which at some point may include a takeover of United.


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