Official Xbox Twitter Account Has Been Disabled


Xbox: Apparently everything is back to normal and the Xbox account has 16 million followers again. To comment on what happened, a tweet was posted to play with what happened.

[Update 1]: Xbox account went live but lost all followers. Posts were recovered, but all followers disappeared as a result of the temporary deactivation. At the time of this update, the social network has nearly 2,000 followers (in contrast to hundreds of thousands before).

[Original]: On Friday night (12), the official Xbox Twitter account disappeared and only the message “this account does not exist” appears, implying that it may have been deleted or suspended. There is no brand announcement so far.

So, so far we don’t know if the Xbox account was hacked and maliciously deleted, if there was an internal problem or if the problem might even be from Twitter itself (and, who knows, maybe even be part of a promotional action). Before this happened, the account had hundreds of thousands of followers and was the main brand for the brand (the other regional accounts, such as @XboxBr, are still active).

On his personal account, Stein, the Xbox social networking pro, tweeted a screenshot of the deactivated account and said, “Nothing to see here… Fixing it now… Pretend I didn’t break it…”.