Official: Xbox Series X will cost 499 euros


The North American company makes the leak official shortly after confirming the information about Xbox Series S.

Movements in Microsoft’s video game division. After the leaks of documents and official materials, those in Redmond had no choice but to officially confirm some of the data that had come to light. Xbox Series S will have a suggested price of 299 euros and will go on sale on November 10. That same day, they now confirm from Xbox, their most powerful console, Xbox Series X, will also appear. As the leaks advanced, the official price will be 499 euros.

The reserve campaign will not start immediately, but will start on September 22, as confirmed by Phil Spencer on the machine’s website. “We know that you expect the new generation of consoles to set new standards when it comes to graphics power and processing speed,” all without forgetting games, the company stresses on the web. “These will be defined by visually stunning and immediately immersive worlds.” Like PlayStation 5, the system will mount an SSD hard drive that will improve and even eliminate loading times, while processes will develop more quickly.

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