Official website of the royal family: Harry and Meghan demoted


Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) will face further consequences! In 2020, the king’s son (73 years old) and a former actress decided to retire from their royal duties. Since then, the couple was no longer among the working members of the royal family and was even excluded from the state reception where the late monarch was honored ( ✝ 96). Now the couple again feels that they no longer belong to each other: Harry and Meghan’s rating has also been lowered on the official website of the royal family!

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the official website of the royal family was updated. As reported by The Telegraph, the rating of members of the royal family has been rearranged — Harry and Meghan have been downgraded next to Prince Andrew (62). Previously, voting Americans had to be listed around the middle of the survey. The late monarch’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent and his wife Maria Christine have been completely removed from the page.

According to the magazine, the reason for the changes is as follows: it is said that King Charles III plans to reduce the monarchy to as few official members as possible during his reign — after all, the public should not want to pay for an ever-growing royal family.


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