Official Trailer of PUBG Mobile Season 14 Appeared on a YouTube Channel


The trailer was shared on a YouTube channel for the highly anticipated new season of PUBG Mobile. It seems that we will be doing Mad Max battles in Season 14, which is expected to come after Season 13, which will end on July 12.

An important report has emerged for PUBG Mobile’s highly anticipated 14th season. The report, which shared a lot of information about the new season, which is expected to be released soon, also included a short video. The video shared by YouTuber is thought to be the trailer prepared by PUBG Mobile for Season 14.

With the video published on Mr.GHOST GAMING’s YouTube channel, YouTuber announced that the name of the new season is “Spark the Fame”. The published video allows us to see many new vehicles related to Season 14 as well as new looks for the players.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 trailer:

With the video published, we see vehicles similar to those we see in Mad Max. In the short 1-minute video that reveals Livik, the new map of the game, we have the chance to see some parts of the map. Among these regions are volcanoes and snowy mountains.

YouTuber said that with this video, a new costume for the M416 will come in Season 14 as well as the new costume for the M24 sniper rifle.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date is not yet announced

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