Official Trailer For Netflix Series La Casa De Papel Season 5 Episode 2 Has Arrived


La Casa De Papel: The official trailer for the second season of the 5th season of La Casa de Papel, the first season of which was broadcast in 2017 and gained great popularity after the first season, came.

The fifth season of the series will be broadcast in two parts as previously announced. The first episode is now on Netflix. The second part will be on Netflix on December 3. The new video shared is the official promotional trailer of the second part. The fifth season will be the final season of the series. You can find all episodes of La Casa de Papel on Netflix right now.

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Episode 2 Trailer

Season Five Plot: The team has been closed at the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours. Although they managed to save Lisbon, dark times await them after they lose one of their own. Sierra has captured the Professor, and for the first time, the Professor has no escape plan. Just when it seems like there can be no more trouble, an enemy far more powerful than any they’ve faced so far arrives on the scene. Now they have an army against them. As this biggest robbery in history draws to a close, what started as a bank robbery will turn into a war.


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