Official preview of the new Batman Costume for Gotham Knights


Warning! Batman: Gotham Knights — Gilded City spoilers from DC Comics below

A new series of prequel comics to the upcoming Gotham Knights video game has revealed the first look at the new Batman costume that he will wear in the series. In the first look at Gotham Knights – Gilden City #1 from DC Comics, the recently announced six-issue miniseries, Batman’s character design is revealed. The Dark Knight gets a new Batsuit that looks familiar, but looks even more tactful than his usual suits.

At Comic-Con in San Diego, DC Comics presented several exciting announcements, including the current Dark Crisis series, which became Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, a new crime noir series exploring the early days of Gotham City, and Punchline, starring her own comic book, in which she takes on play the role of the Joker. One of the most inconspicuous discoveries was a new series of prequels to the upcoming video game Gotham Knights. The comic will fill in the gaps in what happened to Batman in a world without the Dark Knight, as the announcement also showed the newest Batman costume that the hero will wear.

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In a brand new preview of Batman: Gotham Knights — Gilded City #1 from DC Comics, fans of the upcoming Gotham Knights video game will have the opportunity to read about the Gotham City universe before Batman’s death. The prequel from Evan Narcissus, Abel and Greg Capullo will focus on Batman’s latest case, as a mysterious virus infecting Gotham City turns its inhabitants into cruel and evil looters. Batman will work alongside the Knights of Gotham to stop the virus as they learn more about a similar virus from the 1800s and about one of Gotham’s first vigilantes, the Fugitives. Take a look at the batsuit Batman will be wearing in the prequel comic below.

Similar to DC’s Fortnite comics, the prequel comic will contain codes with each problem that can be used in the game for items. All six issues Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City will come with an item starting with the batcycle skin. Readers who collect all six issues and activate each code will also receive a special seventh item. It’s unlikely that the new Batman costume will be among the redeemable items, but who knows? Perhaps the Batsuit can be unlocked as the last item in the event after it turns out by the end of the game and the comic that he is still alive in Gotham Knights. Strange turns happened.

Watching the crossover of comics and video games in a meaningful way is very interesting. Even without Batman’s appearance (at least in the main timeline) in Gotham Knights, his presence and new costume will be felt and seen in the prequel comic. Readers can purchase the debut issue of Batman: Gotham Knights — Gilden City when it hits comic book stores in October.


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