Official OnePlus 8 cases have leaked!


While the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are expected to launch on April 14, leaks continue to increase. The accessories of the series, which has almost all features, were leaked today. Official OnePlus 8 cases and OnePlus 8 Pro cases also made the designs clear.

Official OnePlus 8 cases have leaked!
While the new flagship family of OnePlus has been waiting for a while, the official clarification date of the device is expected to be April 14. Many designs and hardware features that we have encountered so far excited the leak for the device. Today, the official OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro launch cases have leaked in all their details.

The device designs were clarified with the leaked case images. There are three different sandstone patterned cases with the OnePlus logo in black, smoky purple and cyan colors. In addition, nylon, carbon and simple transparent options are among the official cases.

While the devices attracted attention with both hardware and design features, the shared camera performance recently increased the level of curiosity on the device. While both devices have a vertical triple main camera setup, the Pro model has an extra camera and a sensor as an extra.

You can reach the leaked features of the device, which is expected to be revealed in full detail with its price, features and design on April 14, from the news below.


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