The Official Name of Corona Virus Has Been Determined: COVID-19


The official name of the Corona virus, which erupted in China in December 2019, was determined by the World Health Organization. The outbreak that caused more than 1,000 people to die was called COVID-19.

According to the number confirmed so far, the Corona virus, which transmitted 43,143 people in total and killed 1,018 people, continues to spread to the world. The virus has been seen in 28 countries outside China so far. The World Health Organization also declared an ‘international emergency’ for the virus last week.

Corona virus, first seen in December of 2019, has been called to date either either Corona or 2019-nCoV. The virus was officially named today by the World Health Organization. According to the statement of the World Health Organization, the official name of Corona virus was COVID-19.

What does the official name of the Corona virus ‘COVID-19’ mean?
The name COVID-19, which was announced by the World Health Organization, simply means ‘virus that appeared in 2019’. The CO part in the name of the virus corresponds to Corona, the VI part corresponds to the virus, and the D part refers to the disease. Of course, the number 19 at the end of the name also marks the year when the virus first appeared.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, also explained what they were paying attention to while naming the COVID-19 virus, which especially affected China. The statement made by Ghebreyesus was as follows:

“According to the rules adopted among the World Health Organization, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, World Animal Health Organization, we had to find a name that could not be associated with an individual, animal, group of people or a geographical location, which could be easily pronounced and related to the disease.”

The World Health Organization gave some important information when explaining the name of the new type of Corona virus. The organization said it is preparing other countries to prevent disease and is already helping those with the disease, saying a possible vaccine for the virus could come in 18 months.

The Corona virus has led many countries to take action to this day, causing a panic to people. Many large companies temporarily suspended their activities in China. Due to the epidemic, malfunctions have occurred not only in China but also in some major events around the world. The economic dimensions of the virus have not been finalized yet.


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